17 ridiculous bands.  Get over here.

Bit Brigade

Entire game soundtracks performed live alongside a dude doing a speed run of the game they are covering - what else could you want?
(Athens, GA)

Knight of the Round

Paying homage to the memorable Final Fantasy soundtracks while bringing an assault of two crushing 8-string guitars, a grinding yet thunderous bass, and aggressive poly-rhythmic percussion with hard hitting blast beats.


Metal/rock covers of Mega Man X, Donkey Kong country and others mixed in with some sick nasty instrumental originals.
(Philly, PA)

Random battles

Shreds old RPG favorites and rebirths them into the prog-metal wankfests they were always meant to be.
(Baltimore, MD)

Master sword

Lady fronted Legend of Zelda prog/power metal covers!

(Washington, D.C.)

Rare Candy

Synth driven rock tributes of all your video game music faves.
(Baltimore, MD)

Steel Samurai

 Deep cut video game covers
(Baltimore, MD)

Mountain Chiefs

The Fucking Champs meets the Advantage with nifty 2 amp output rigs and guitars with bass strings on em.
(Philly, PA)

Stupid Idiot

VGM scene all-stars delivering a potent selection of video game music covers from the classics you might not remember until you hear em! 
(Location: a mystery)

Cowabunga Pizza Time

Denim clad rock n' Roll ninjas slicing through party peeps with nonstop, high-energy rock tunes about kicking bad guys, ninja stuff, pizza, and partying. 

(Baltimore, MD)

Garbage Masher

Chiptune/rock instrumental power trio here to mash down the garbage. 
(Baltimore, MD)

Unicorn Hole

If ever the term "nintendocore" actually applied it would be for Unicorn Hole. All original songs, complete with lyrics about all your favorite games and game characters screamed over punishing metal/chiptune/EDM.
(South Carolina)

Crunk Witch

Returning to keep everyone turned up to crunk the witches come back to Baltimore to get the party started. 

Mike Zucker

Guitar driven Chiptune original complete with original visuals (formally of This Place is Haunted fame)
(Boulder, CO)

Wreck the System

Mixing up the program with some original hip hop about all thing geeky.
(Baltimore, MD)

DJ Super Sonic

Going supersonic all over the ones and twos, this dude has enough chaos emeralds to keep your butt shaking.
(Baltimore, MD)

Kenzie Black

VGM remixer and animal activist Kenzie, is brand new to the video game music scene and Bit Gen! Spinning kigu gucci bass house, electro, and future bass beats, mixed with game music classics to raise awareness and funds to help animal shelters.
(Philadelphia, PA)