The Megas

Mega man remixes with original lyrics from sunny California

Year 200X

Michigan based Metal men emerge from the robot rubble to rock your skull out of your face.

Super MadNES

Gnarly prog/metal VGM Tributes from Cali.

Cowabunga Pizza Time

rock/punk subterranean super ninjas.


Full band Nerdcore from NC.

Steel Samurai

Deep cut VGM tributes.

Wreck The System

Nerdcore that makes you dance more

Garbage Masher

Massive chiptune rock.

Random Battles

Prog/Metal VGM tributes


MOAR METAL! VGM tributes & Originals.

Crunk Witch

Chiptune/electronic party vibes

Viking Guitar

Hard Rock VGM remixes from PA

Watch Out For Snakes

Chiptune dark synth from GA

Galaxy Flowers

Starry chiptune from TN


Guitar shreds PC soundtracks

DJ Super Sonic

this sounds exactly like you imagine it sounds.


VGM, Anime and original metals from DC