PowerGlove - The Orginal VGM Metal Monsters

Super MadNES - NEW synth metal VGM warriors from Cali

Cheap Dinosaurs - Philly's psychedelic square wave adventure.

Lame Genie VGM -Rhode Island based rock metal VG Tributes

Rare Candy - Baltimore's synth rock vets

X-Hunters - Metal VGM covers and prog originals from Philly

Master Sword - DC's Hyrulian heavy metal heroes

Cowabunga Pizza Time - Sewer dwelling rock n' roll party ninjas

Steel Samurai - deep cut VGM covers from charm city

Random Battles - prog/tech VGM metal

Flabbercasters - Magic the Gathering pop punk

Nelward - sugary sweet original chiptune dance pop

Wreck The System - nerdcore hip-hop from Baltimore

nmlstyl - Chiptune and dance boogie down from Philly

P0cky Br0s - Philly's tuba/chiptune/drums rock odyessy

Garbage Masher - Baltimore power trio of guitar, bass drums & chiptune

DJ Super Sonic - The supersonic party starter

Kenzie Black - EDM and VGM remixer and animal activist.